Encouraging Enterprise

Continued success depends on you developing the next generation of managers to take over business development. Promotion to a management position can be difficult for the company and the employee.

Candidates are selected for of their functional abilities and displaying the first signs of broader capabilities. Get it right and you create a real asset; get it wrong and you can swap a key performer for a poor manager and worse leader.

Success at the management level requires a different set of capabilities from those required in a functional role. It is not just more of the same, but a different set of skills and capabilities.

Successful promotion also requires a clear, shared understanding of the role and expectations. If you don’t make the business needs clear then you are storing up trouble for the future.

This programme will help you identify, develop and empower your future leaders. It will guide them through the process so they can change their behaviour and act confidently in their new roles.

If you need your managers to :-

  • Develop new services
  • Develop new customers
  • Build and maintain relationships with customers
  • Develop staff

Then you need the Encouraging Enterprise Programme