Finding the Hidden Value

Don’t contact us if:

  • You never reinvent the wheel.
  • You always make use of your staff’s new ideas.
  • You can always lay your hand on a report.
  • You know exactly who to contact when you need to know how to do something.
  • You know what expertise and know-how each of your staff bring to help your business succeed.
  • You don’t suffer from information overload.
  • Your staff freely share what they know with their colleagues.
  • Your organisation is always open to change.
  • When your staff leave, you are confident that what they know has been effectively passed on.
  • You know which pieces of information are key to your competitiveness.

Finding the hidden value in your business by focusing on how effectively you are using what you already know is still a relatively new approach to improving organisational effectiveness and efficiency.

We offer a jargon-free service to help you improve operational performance and/or strategic planning by helping you free and leverage the knowledge in your business. Contact us now.